Why invest in Potash West?

Potash West NL controls over 2,000 km of greensands, rich in phosphate and glauconite,  between Gingin and Eneabba in Western Australia. Glauconite contains, on average, 6% KO, an essential ingredient of potash fertilisers. Phosphates and potash are essential fertilisers,  providing phosphorous and potassium to promote healthy and strong plant growth.

Prices for phosphorous and potassium fertilisers rose steeply between 2000 and 2007.  While prices are lower post 2008/9, they have not returned to pre-2000 levels.  Most analysts predict strong demand in the future, driven by the imperative of increased agricultural efficiency.

Potash West NL controls much of the prospective ground within one of the largest greensand/glauconite deposits in the world. Global fertiliser demand, a change of price structure and a positive pricing outlook all provide a compelling case for re-evaluating and, if viable, commercialising these deposits.

Potash West NL believes there are compelling reasons for the development of this project, including:
•  the Company’s large, near surface greensand deposit, which is favourably located, with respect to infrastrucuture; Low sovereign risk jurisdiction, Western Australia
•  the local and regional market for fertiliser, which is large and import dependent;
•  testwork has shown that phosphate fertiliser can be produced from the deposits, using well established, low risk process’s.
•  the proposed application of recent advances in metallurgy.
•  the K-Max process has shown the viability of extracting  potassium to produce commercial-grade potash;
•  the projected escalation in fertiliser prices, and
•  highly experienced management and technical team.