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January 7, 2014 - by Robin Bromby

The West is sleepwalking on critical minerals <<

Monday, September 9, 2013
The West Australian - West Business - SPINIFEX By Nick Sas
Polish potash war elicits investor interest

Four Kinds of Potash <<
Wednesday July 24, 2013, 4:00am PDT
By Vivien Diniz - Exclusive to Potash Investing News

June 2013 The Pick

June 2013 Potash West ticks all the boxes at Dandaragan 130kb     
June 2013 Exciting new drilling results have unveiled the world-class potential of
June 2013 Potash West NL’s (ASX: PWN) Dandaragan Trough Project in Western Australia.

November 2012 RESOURCESTOCKS Company Profile Potash West
November 2012打破加拿大的束缚,由 Anthony Barich报道
21/12/2011 Potash West Continues To Grow Its World Class Position   815.9kb
21/12/2011 PotashWest 继续向着世界级资源成长,文章由The Pick 撰写

13/10/2011Farm Weekly
13/10/2011 FarmWeekly
13/10/2011中西部钾肥勘探进行顺利, 由Bobbie Hinkley报道

31/05/2011 MineLife 460kb
31/05/2011 Daily Resources Bulletin by Gavin Wendt
31/05/2011 Potash West 公司宣布了自上市期首次钻探工程的积极结果

12/05/2011 A Sprinkle of Potash in Farm Country 727kb
30/03/2011 高品位, 由Michael Quinn报道

30/03/2011 Fertile Fields hold promise and challenge for miners 727kb
30/03/201的澳达利亚人 , 由Tim Morris 报道

24/03/2011 IPO closes early and oversubscribed 384kb

10/03/2011In the Black
10/03/2011 IN THE BLACK 152kb
10/03/2011 Herald Sun, 商务新闻, 36页, 由John Beveridge报道

04/03/2011The Unusual Miner
04/03/2011 An unusual miner, an unusual mineral 188kb
04/03/2011 澳洲金融论评, 首次公募观察, 29页, 由 Tony Featherstone 报道