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21/12/2011 Potash West Continues To Grow Its World Class Position   815.9kb
13/10/2011 PotashWest Continues To Grow Its World Class Position - Article by The Pick

25/11/2011 The Inside Story 450kb
13/10/2011 Potash West develops Australia's first Potash, by Wally Graham

13/10/2011Farm Weekly
13/10/2011 FarmWeekly
13/10/2011 Mid West potash exploration progressing well, by Bobbie Hinkley

31/05/2011 MineLife 460kb
31/05/2011 Daily Resources Bulletin by Gavin Wendt
31/05/2011 Potash West announces positive results from first-up drilling program since listing

12/05/2011 A Sprinkle of Potash in Farm Country 727kb
30/03/2011 High Grade, by Michael Quinn

30/03/2011 Fertile Fields hold promise and challenge for miners 727kb
30/03/2011 The Australian, by Tim Morris

24/03/2011 IPO closes early and oversubscribed 384kb

10/03/2011In the Black
10/03/2011 IN THE BLACK 152kb
10/03/2011 Herald Sun, Business News, Page 36, By: John Beveridge

04/03/2011The Unusual Miner
04/03/2011 An unusual miner, an unusual mineral 188kb
04/03/2011 Australian Financial Review, IPO watch, Page 29, By: Tony Featherstone