Potash West
The Need for Fertiliser? 极品?

Current population growth – and the concomitant global demand for food – is placing immense pressure on fertiliser supplies for agriculture. As noted earlier, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three major plant nutrients delivered in fertilisers, and there are no substitutes for these elements. Hence, potash and phosphates are key elements in the production of commercial fertilisers.

目前的人口增长 - 和对食物的伴随全球需求 - 是把巨大的压力化肥供应用于农业。如前所述,氮,磷和钾是肥料输送三大植物营养素,并且没有替代这些元素。因此,钾盐和磷酸盐都在生产商业肥料的关键要素