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Name: Potash West NL

Ticker code: ASX: PWN

Business Description: Potash West (ASX:PWN) is an exploration company focused on developing potassium-rich glauconite deposits in West Australia’s Perth Basin. The Company aims to define a substantial resource base and investigate how best to recover potash from the mineral. A successful commercial outcome will allow the Company to become a major contributor to the potash market at a time of heightened demand.

The Company listed on the ASX on 11 May 2011 following a successful and oversubscribed IPO raising $6m. The Company has a major land holding over one of the world’s largest known glauconite deposits, with exploration licenses and applications covering an area of 2,107km2. Previous exploration indicates glauconite sediments are widespread for more than 150km along strike and 15km in width.

The Company’s strategy includes:
• consolidate prospective ground in Western Australia;

reduce competing market interests;
dominate the Australian glauconite resource position;
prove extraction, efficiency and cost profile;
• advance towards bankable feasibility, and establish the Company as Australia’s largest supplier of potash.

For further information please visit the company overview page.

Registered Office:
Potash West NL
Unit 1,135 Great Eastern Highway
Rivervale WA 6103

PO Box 588
Belmont WA 6984

Phone: +61 8 9479 5386
Fax: +61 8 9475 0847
Website: www.potashwest.com.au
Email: [email protected]

Managing Director: Patrick McManus

Media Enquiries and Contact:[email protected]

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